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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My American Girl Dolls

Ok so last night I was thinking about when and why I got each of my dolls. So I decided to make this list type thing stating when, why, and where I got each of my dolls as well as a special memory I have about that day. I mostly am doing this to log the information so I can look back on it all some day when I am older in case I ever forget. So here is what I have so far for my first 10 dolls. I'll post the other 12 dolls when I get them finished. Enjoy! And please feel free to take this idea and do the same thing about you and all of your dolls! :)

1) Samantha Lillian Parkington

· When: August 28th 1999

· Where: My house in Wellington

· Why: My 10th birthday

· From: My Grandma Shirley

· Special Memory: My Grandma brought in a box that was the shape of the American Girl boxes and I opened her first and it was the cabbage patch doll she kept at her house for my cousins and I to play with. I screamed and said where is she?!?! So I went with her out to her car and she brought out the real Samantha doll from her trunk. I was so excited I was barely back in the door of the house before she was opened.

2) Kit Marie Kittredge

· When: Late August 2000

· Where: In my mom’s car outside the post office

· Why: My early 11th birthday/first day of school present

· From: My mom

· Special Memory: My mom was taking me to my first day of school and we stopped by the post office before she took me. She came out with a box and told me to open it. I was so excited because I had been raving about Kit since her release earlier that year. I was allowed to bring her in to my class and keep her with me all day and use her as my show and tell. I remember bringing her out to recess and just sitting on a swing with her and all the girls in my class came around me asking if they could hold her but I wouldn’t let them.

3) Lindsey Mariah Bergman

· When: Late August 2001

· Where: My house in Blue Springs

· Why: My 12th Birthday

· From: Myself. I used my birthday money to buy her.

· Special Memory: I was so excited for Lindsey because she looked exactly like me and had a really cool name. I just had to have her and I was so excited when she arrived.

4) Alyssa Renee Johnson #3

· When: August 28th 2002

· Where: Out town house in Blue Springs

· Why: My 13th Birthday

· From: My Grandma Shirley

· Special Memory: I opened Alyssa the second she got to my house. My Grandma ordered her with out telling me and had her sent to my house. I got her and by this time I knew what the boxes were shaped like. I opened her in the hallway about 3 feet away from the front door because I was so excited to get her.

5) Marisol Luna (Deziree)

· When: The beginning of July 2005

· Where: The American Girl Place in New York City

· Why: Because she was a dancer and I was in New York for a dance competition

· From: I bought her with my money

· Special Memory: I remember going into the American Girl Place with my dance teacher Mrs. Bonnie, her daughter Alexis, (7) and her niece Hannah (8) who both dance as well. We went there for Alexis to pick out a doll for her and her little sister Ariannah. In the end Mrs. Bonnie and Alexis picked out their two dolls, Hannah got a doll, I got a doll, and we all got some outfits. We were only in there for a short time because we had to get back for the dance competition. After we got back to the hotel we all went up to Hannah and I’s room and played with our new dolls. A few girls my age saw me walk in the hotel with a bit American Girl Place bag and I was a little embarrassed but I was so excited to get her and play with her with the little girls I was with.

6) Regan Elizabeth #22

· When: December 25th 2005

· Where: My dads house

· Why: Christmas

· From: My dad

· Special Memory: Regan was the first doll my dad bought me himself and it was really special to get one from him.

7) Hayden Paige #25

· When: December 25th 2006

· Where: My dads house

· Why: Christmas

· From: My dad

· Special Memory: I was really excited for Hayden because she was my first doll with black straight hair and that is how my hair is so she because my new look-a-like doll.

8) Josefina Montoya (Leah)

· When: Sometime during 2007

· Where: The Brass Armadillo

· Why: Because we found her cheap

· From: My dad paid for her

· Special Memory: When I saw Josefina and Molly sitting in the booth at the Brass Armadillo I was so ecstatic. I had finally found a doll at an Antique store. We had been looking for years at this point. Her hair was kind of messy but that didn’t bother me because I knew I could fix it. She was only $60 dollars.

9) Nicki Flemming (Blake)

· When: December 25th 2007

· Where: My dads house

· Why: Christmas

· From: My dad

· Special Memory: She was my first doll with really curly hair and I was really excited to get her and some other things for Christmas that year.

10) Mia St.Clair

· When: August 28th 2008

· Where: My dads house

· Why: My 19th Birthday

· From: My dad

· Special Memory: I opened her right before I left for college my sophomore year and brought her to school with me. She was also my first red head and I had wanted a red head for quite some time so I was really excited to get her.


  1. Wow, I never knew there were so many stories behind your dolls!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hello. First I need to say, I follow your vids on you tube. I am "jacsan" on you tube. I am a teacher. Also an adult. Actually 44 years. And your story has brought me many past thoughts. I studied in college, I have a BA in secretarial sciences. When I was in my 3rd year, I noticed I simply hated that! I simply didn't know what to do. So I decided to finish it, but hated it. By accident, I worked for two days as a teacher in a junior college. I only stayed two days, but I loved it! Teaching was kinda nice, I thought. Then I found a job as a secretary and worked for a year and a half, but still hated it. And then I decided to go back to college and I studied teaching. And above all the problems teachers have to deal with (it's a very difficult profession) I love it! I even have former students who come to my house. I even kinda adopted one! Then I said to myself, "this is what I am" And then I realized that I always loved arts. Teaching is part of arts. But one thing, Sarah, I havent worked ever as a secretary, but I still dont regret those years, cause you never know, I have a BA in secretarial sciences so if someday I need that, I have it. So go on, finish what you are studying, maybe you can take courses in other things and maybe you will find what you really like. Have you ever considered teaching? You have all the skills needed to be a good teacher. I have been a teacher for many years and I notice you could be a great teacher, maybe an art teacher. Give it a thought.

  4. Hey, I love restoring dolls too! I love dolls, I only wish I had grown up with AGs. I love art too. Although I dont practice it anymore, I have taken dance classes, have belonged to choirs, have taken painting classes and simply love everything related to art. Maybe that's why I love to teach. Teaching is part of art. You are very creative, Sarah, God bless your talent! And don't worry, soon you will find what you really like, and everything will be fine.

  5. Wow, dolls are really special to you, I can tell!

  6. Yes, Rachel, dolls are very special to me. I suppose its cause I dont have children (although I work with them) I raised two, but they were boys. So dolls r kinda my little girls.

  7. hi my names Summer and when you opened Mia i was 9 thats pretty cool dont you think i am a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I still collect American Girl even though they say I am "Too Old". Lol, I'm so glad I know of one person who still plays and collects them! :)