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Friday, August 14, 2009


Girl Survey. For fun. :]

DON'T CHICKEN OUT, GIRLS! If you have a blog, then I want to see yours! :]

Does your Facebook password have to do with a boy?
a boy…but not a human boy lol

What's one thing a guy can do to make you like them?
make me laugh, and be really sweet

Big or small purses?

Do you enjoy drama?
Its safe to say I hate drama more then anything else in the world

Did you dress up on Halloween?
Yeah…I was a Go-Go dancer lol gotta love old dance costumes

How many guys will read this just because it says "FEMALE SURVEY"?

Can you put on mascara without opening your mouth?

Have you ever been called a bad influence?
Yes lol

Do you think you're pretty, honestly?
every once in a while.

Eyeliner or mascara??
both but I cant live without my eyeliner

American Eagle or Hollister?
neither lol but I have a few Hollister things so I guess Hollister

Heels or flats?
heels. I’m way too short for flats lol

Skirts or jeans?

Straight or curly hair?
My hair is straight but I like it better when I fix it curly

Hoops or dangling earrings?

Have you ever had your heart broken?
um…yeah about that…

Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?

Do you like your life?
most of the time

Ever walked into the guy's bathroom?
haha ya once when I was little

Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on?
not that I can remember but maybe

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
many times when I was younger

Have you ever not been able to get someone off of your mind?

Do you ever wish you were famous??
not really.

Preppy or Punk/goth?
hippie baby lol

Good cook or take you out a lot??
good cook 

Funny or Serious?

Cute or Hot?

Long or short hair?
I like it a little longer but not longer then mine lol!

Smoker or non-smoker?

Tall or short?
taller then me but I don’t care how much taller

Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
Been there done that haha but in my case we dated first and now we are best friends :D

When is the last time you were in a photo booth taking pictures with a friend?
I never have…that’s pathetic

Have you ever seen someone you knew and purposely avoided seeing them?
haha ya! Try everyone I went to high school with that I didn’t like that I have ever seen since I graduated lol!!

On average what do you think you cry about the most?
idk…probably my personal relationships/friendships

Who was the last guy you talked to?

Do you think best friends can be replaced?
Not in a million years. I love Kat and Zack and idk what I would do without them

Does the last person you held hands with mean a lot?
Yes he does. He is my best friend in the world

Do you think you have made a difference in anyone's life?
Yeah. A few people  at least I hope lol

What friend do you tell the most??
Zack, Kathryn, and my mom. It’s a tie 

Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
My madre

Where's the weirdest place you changed your clothes at?
In the back seat of my moms car for dance lol

Are you going anywhere this summer?
no lol I didn’t go anywhere at all that’s out of Missouri

Are you waiting for anyone's call right now?

Are you shy?
Not really

Are you talkative?

Do you secretly like someone?
no not really

Are you good at hiding your feelings?
NO! I wear my emotions so bad…It sucks!

How is life going for you at this moment?
Very confusing. I am at a crossroads in my life…

Do you trust people easily?
I think so…but I have been hurt by trusting too easily so I need to change that.

Do you give out second chances easily?
ya way too easily

Do you smile a lot?
it depends. If I’m with Kat I do, and if I’m with any of the many kids I babysit I smile all the time. They are so much fun 

One thing you're looking forward to?
having my own apartment this year

How do you feel about change?
I hate it almost as much as I hate drama

Last time you got a text message and smiled?
I don’t remember

Are you happy?
overall…not really but I am sometimes depending on who I am with and what I am doing.

Have you ever regretted letting someone go?
no…maybe at the time but not looking back now.

Do you prefer to be around people, or by yourself?
either by myself or around kids

When was the last time you told a guy you love them?
I told my Grandpa and Grandma I loved them today when they came by my garage sale 

Who's your favorite super hero?
Mr. Incredible!!

What's your favorite clothing item?
my black shorts that say dancer on the butt. I never wear them out anywhere but I practically live in them when I am at home 

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday Evening...

So I started packing up all my stuff that is going back to school today...its kind of exciting though because I just found out last week that I get to live in an apartment that is on campus by myself this year instead of living in a dorm room and sharing a bathroom with another girl. I will have a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room all to myself! Most people wouldn't like this but not me. I actually like being alone more often then not. Its nice to be by myself and be able to do whatever I want, wear whatever I want, etc. with out worrying about anyone else being with me. I'm not sure if thats weird for a college girl to say that but I really dont mind being alone at all. If its between staying home to make a video with my dolls or going out to a party full of people I dont know...I'm staying home lol.

So while packing for school I have had to think about stuff I will need for a whole apartment versus a dorm room like I am used to. Its so weird to think about all the things I need now that I didn't need before and I didn't think I would ever need them either. Like all the stuff to cook with, stuff to decorate the bathroom, furniture for the living room, a dining table, a coffee table, a TV stand, and all that stuff! It might sound weird to hear me say all this if you have not experienced it yet but trust me its so crazy to think about and plan! I dont know where in the world I am going to come up with the money to buy the furniture pieces and things I will need. My mom and I are having a huge garage sale this weekend though so hopefully I will make a lot of money because I have tons of stuff I am selling. Well I guess I better go to mom told me she is waking me up at 8am to help her price all our stuff...I'm sooo thrilled about it I can hardly stand it...night everyone :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My American Girl Dolls

Ok so last night I was thinking about when and why I got each of my dolls. So I decided to make this list type thing stating when, why, and where I got each of my dolls as well as a special memory I have about that day. I mostly am doing this to log the information so I can look back on it all some day when I am older in case I ever forget. So here is what I have so far for my first 10 dolls. I'll post the other 12 dolls when I get them finished. Enjoy! And please feel free to take this idea and do the same thing about you and all of your dolls! :)

1) Samantha Lillian Parkington

· When: August 28th 1999

· Where: My house in Wellington

· Why: My 10th birthday

· From: My Grandma Shirley

· Special Memory: My Grandma brought in a box that was the shape of the American Girl boxes and I opened her first and it was the cabbage patch doll she kept at her house for my cousins and I to play with. I screamed and said where is she?!?! So I went with her out to her car and she brought out the real Samantha doll from her trunk. I was so excited I was barely back in the door of the house before she was opened.

2) Kit Marie Kittredge

· When: Late August 2000

· Where: In my mom’s car outside the post office

· Why: My early 11th birthday/first day of school present

· From: My mom

· Special Memory: My mom was taking me to my first day of school and we stopped by the post office before she took me. She came out with a box and told me to open it. I was so excited because I had been raving about Kit since her release earlier that year. I was allowed to bring her in to my class and keep her with me all day and use her as my show and tell. I remember bringing her out to recess and just sitting on a swing with her and all the girls in my class came around me asking if they could hold her but I wouldn’t let them.

3) Lindsey Mariah Bergman

· When: Late August 2001

· Where: My house in Blue Springs

· Why: My 12th Birthday

· From: Myself. I used my birthday money to buy her.

· Special Memory: I was so excited for Lindsey because she looked exactly like me and had a really cool name. I just had to have her and I was so excited when she arrived.

4) Alyssa Renee Johnson #3

· When: August 28th 2002

· Where: Out town house in Blue Springs

· Why: My 13th Birthday

· From: My Grandma Shirley

· Special Memory: I opened Alyssa the second she got to my house. My Grandma ordered her with out telling me and had her sent to my house. I got her and by this time I knew what the boxes were shaped like. I opened her in the hallway about 3 feet away from the front door because I was so excited to get her.

5) Marisol Luna (Deziree)

· When: The beginning of July 2005

· Where: The American Girl Place in New York City

· Why: Because she was a dancer and I was in New York for a dance competition

· From: I bought her with my money

· Special Memory: I remember going into the American Girl Place with my dance teacher Mrs. Bonnie, her daughter Alexis, (7) and her niece Hannah (8) who both dance as well. We went there for Alexis to pick out a doll for her and her little sister Ariannah. In the end Mrs. Bonnie and Alexis picked out their two dolls, Hannah got a doll, I got a doll, and we all got some outfits. We were only in there for a short time because we had to get back for the dance competition. After we got back to the hotel we all went up to Hannah and I’s room and played with our new dolls. A few girls my age saw me walk in the hotel with a bit American Girl Place bag and I was a little embarrassed but I was so excited to get her and play with her with the little girls I was with.

6) Regan Elizabeth #22

· When: December 25th 2005

· Where: My dads house

· Why: Christmas

· From: My dad

· Special Memory: Regan was the first doll my dad bought me himself and it was really special to get one from him.

7) Hayden Paige #25

· When: December 25th 2006

· Where: My dads house

· Why: Christmas

· From: My dad

· Special Memory: I was really excited for Hayden because she was my first doll with black straight hair and that is how my hair is so she because my new look-a-like doll.

8) Josefina Montoya (Leah)

· When: Sometime during 2007

· Where: The Brass Armadillo

· Why: Because we found her cheap

· From: My dad paid for her

· Special Memory: When I saw Josefina and Molly sitting in the booth at the Brass Armadillo I was so ecstatic. I had finally found a doll at an Antique store. We had been looking for years at this point. Her hair was kind of messy but that didn’t bother me because I knew I could fix it. She was only $60 dollars.

9) Nicki Flemming (Blake)

· When: December 25th 2007

· Where: My dads house

· Why: Christmas

· From: My dad

· Special Memory: She was my first doll with really curly hair and I was really excited to get her and some other things for Christmas that year.

10) Mia St.Clair

· When: August 28th 2008

· Where: My dads house

· Why: My 19th Birthday

· From: My dad

· Special Memory: I opened her right before I left for college my sophomore year and brought her to school with me. She was also my first red head and I had wanted a red head for quite some time so I was really excited to get her.