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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hey everyone. If you havent already heard...iluvamericangirl12 (from you tube) died on Saturday night. She hit her head in her friends pool while no one was outside and when her friend came back to get her she was at the bottom of the pool unconscious.

We never know for sure why these things happen to the people we care about but the main thing that I like to live by is "Everything happens for a reason" We may not see that reason now or anytime soon...but things happen for a reason. God already knows the reason and he knows what he is doing. Even if it doesnt make sense to us he has a plan that only he knows and some answers to our questions only he can answer.

I really hope those of you that were friends with her or that knew her are doing alright. She was one of my faithful subscribers as well as a member on my doll hospital and I know that I will miss her posts and comments. She is such a sweet girl and I know she is looking down on us all now and I bet she is so happy to be in such an amazing place. When you get upset you just have to look at it that way...that she is in a better place and no one can ever hurt her or be mean to her again. Just remember that.

Please pray for her family and the family that had to find her. And if you are not religious please keep your thoughts with her family as they go through this hard time. Also, I am here for you girls if you were close to her and you are having a hard time with all of this news. I am here to listen anytime you need me. I love all you girls stay strong and be thankful to be alive and healthy because so many people out there are not nearly as blessed as we are. (her you tube)


Sunday, October 18, 2009


So if you heard of my blog from you tube I'm sure you have seen all the stuff going on with people making a few accounts pretending to be me and then now people making accounts about how much they hate me...At first I just wanted the person impersonating me gone but now its getting out of hand. I mean they have gone so far as to take a picture of me and cross out my face and tell me to go die and go to he11 and stuff...Its just really upsetting to see.

I wont leave you tube but it is definitely not fun anymore like it used to be. Back when we were all friends and no one was fighting with anyone...and people were not making these accounts about me as well as other girls who are fairly well known on you tube because they are probably secretly jealous. Now to be honest I don't see myself as special or different in any way why me? And their reasoning is because I "yell" at little girls and "harass" them to click on my ads so I can make money....OK first of all I am not harassing anyone just by posting something in my channel description about the ads.

And Second...I DO get money when people click and I am in college trying to find a way to make money to begin paying off my student loans after I graduate next May so what is wrong with asking people to help me out a little by doing something as simple as clicking an ad...then hitting the back arrow...and going about their business? I just dont understand I am not the ONLY adult in the world who collects dolls.

Some of the ladies on AGplaythings are like in their 40's and 50's and they have like 60 AG dolls!! What about them? I love those ladies and I almost guarantee that will be me someday and you know what? I cant wait! I just dont get why its like people think that I am the ONLY person above the age of 12 on the planet who collects dolls...which is definitely not the case....Ugh ok time for bed I think...I'm tired lol


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yesterday was my best friends birthday!

My best friend Kathryn turned 21 yesterday!! :D I had to be at school and she lives where my home town is so since I couldn't be with her I decided to make this video for her yesterday while I was sick. I hope you like it!!!


Omg I am so sick. I hate being sick. I went to the nurse today and she said I have the flu and a sinus infection :( so I went to Wal Mart earlier today and got medicine, soup, all that junk...and I still feel bad lol. But anyways on a slightly brighter note I put all my dolls in their Halloween costumes :) They look so cute. I like having an excuse to dress them in clothes that aren't normal to be displayed in. At the moment though I have ALL 25 of them laying on my futon with me. I have been sleeping in my living room on my futon because I have 5 windows in my bedroom and it makes it FREEZING in there especially at night. I am gonna move my bed but have yet to actually do it :P Anyways so they are all laying on one half and I am on the other. Its a tad crowded but it works :) I just hate having them on the floor or in a different room then me. I know I'm weird ha ha. Well I'm gonna go take some medicine and try to sleep so hopefully I can go to class tomorrow :)

Night everyone!

Oh yeah! Check out Skylar's new blog!! She would love it :) Her link is

P.S. PLEASE click on the ads on this blog, Sky's blog and my doll website!!!

Sarah :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sooo Tired...

Ugh I am soooo ridiculously tired today its not even funny. I couldn't sleep last night so I got like 3 hours of sleep til I had to get up for class. Your all probably thinking "then why are you posting a blog and not napping?!?!" thats a great question ;) I do need to take a nap lol but I just wanted to update everyone :) I got my new doll!! Skylar (#49) got here 2 days ago. She is SOOOOOO gorgeous! If you are on the fence about getting her or not you should definitely do it! The pictures from do NOT do this doll justice at all. Here are some pictures of her that I took after I got her. I also got the new Sweet Melody outfit which definitely gets an A+++ for cuteness! It looks adorable on her. Her hair is also really soft and easy to do. For a long haired doll her seems like it will be very easy to take care of. Its much easier then Elizabeths and Sonali's.

Anyways other then that I have been choreographing my dances for the senior dance concert that is coming up in December. Each senior dance major has to choreograph a dance that equals about 8 minutes long. I am doing 2 dances though. I have a tap I am choreographing with 5 girls to the song "5 guys named Moe". Its so cute :) I have like a minute and 30 seconds done so I still have a minute left to choreograph. And my other piece is a contemporary piece to the song "Imagine" by John Lennon. Then the song transitions into "Dear Prudence" from Across the Universe, and the end of the dance is to "Here comes the sun" by The Beatles. It is about 6 minutes long and I have 2 minutes 30 seconds done on it. I have 9 dancers for that dance and it looks so pretty so far. I cant wait to get done with it and see it on stage for the first time. Its gonna be so worth all the hard work I am putting into it.

I am working on a new stop motion video with my dolls as well as a music video with them as well. They are the ones I keep talking about on you tube. I am working on them whenever I have time but if you read above my free time is few and far between lately lol. But hopefully they will be done soon. I think you guys are really gonna like them :) Also please check out Skylars blog! She has a blog with her twin sister Stephanie and they update it regularly and they would love it if you visited and talked to them :D Anyways I will talk to you guys soon!!! Thanks for reading this! :D