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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday Evening...

So I started packing up all my stuff that is going back to school today...its kind of exciting though because I just found out last week that I get to live in an apartment that is on campus by myself this year instead of living in a dorm room and sharing a bathroom with another girl. I will have a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room all to myself! Most people wouldn't like this but not me. I actually like being alone more often then not. Its nice to be by myself and be able to do whatever I want, wear whatever I want, etc. with out worrying about anyone else being with me. I'm not sure if thats weird for a college girl to say that but I really dont mind being alone at all. If its between staying home to make a video with my dolls or going out to a party full of people I dont know...I'm staying home lol.

So while packing for school I have had to think about stuff I will need for a whole apartment versus a dorm room like I am used to. Its so weird to think about all the things I need now that I didn't need before and I didn't think I would ever need them either. Like all the stuff to cook with, stuff to decorate the bathroom, furniture for the living room, a dining table, a coffee table, a TV stand, and all that stuff! It might sound weird to hear me say all this if you have not experienced it yet but trust me its so crazy to think about and plan! I dont know where in the world I am going to come up with the money to buy the furniture pieces and things I will need. My mom and I are having a huge garage sale this weekend though so hopefully I will make a lot of money because I have tons of stuff I am selling. Well I guess I better go to mom told me she is waking me up at 8am to help her price all our stuff...I'm sooo thrilled about it I can hardly stand it...night everyone :)


  1. How exciting~ your first place!! I'm also in the process of moving (far from being my first place, though)so I know the thoughts that must be racing through your mind right now. How'd you make out at your yard sale??

  2. Exciting! I would rather be home making doll videos than out at a party with a bunch of strangers, also! Great minds think alike :) I swear, you're like a five-year-older version of me. Sarah, I wish you the best of luck this year and although I don't know you personally, I know you'll do great, girl :)
    -ABBEY (Sorry it says Chloe, too. I'ts not, though)
    from AGsisters

  3. Sarah,
    You are going to land on your feet now matter what you do!! You're an awesome
    young lady with a bright future. I'm
    so happy you're going to have your own
    Check out IKEA for great deals and Goodwill
    and Salvation Army stores. Also, Craigslist
    for free stuff is another good source.
    Good Luck, excited to hear all about your
    new place.
    An Admiring Mom ;)

  4. Hey, sarah, that's great!!!! Having your own place, that's sooo cool! I have my own place and it is fabulous. I live alone and I love it!!!! You will love it too, cause we have a lot in common. I don't know u personally, but I wish you the best of luck for this school year. Way to go, girl!!!!

  5. sarah you're the best... i really hope we can be friends.... =)