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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Omg I am so sick. I hate being sick. I went to the nurse today and she said I have the flu and a sinus infection :( so I went to Wal Mart earlier today and got medicine, soup, all that junk...and I still feel bad lol. But anyways on a slightly brighter note I put all my dolls in their Halloween costumes :) They look so cute. I like having an excuse to dress them in clothes that aren't normal to be displayed in. At the moment though I have ALL 25 of them laying on my futon with me. I have been sleeping in my living room on my futon because I have 5 windows in my bedroom and it makes it FREEZING in there especially at night. I am gonna move my bed but have yet to actually do it :P Anyways so they are all laying on one half and I am on the other. Its a tad crowded but it works :) I just hate having them on the floor or in a different room then me. I know I'm weird ha ha. Well I'm gonna go take some medicine and try to sleep so hopefully I can go to class tomorrow :)

Night everyone!

Oh yeah! Check out Skylar's new blog!! She would love it :) Her link is

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Sarah :)


  1. WOWZARS! When I was sick I layed all 8 of my dolls on my couch while I watched daytime television and ate tortilla chips. I would braid their hair, then unbraid it then do it again, all that jazz.

  2. im 13 and play with dolls and i hope to be 90 yrs from now seriously some people need to grow up and get a life...this one girl at my school was bullying my friend and my friend is short so they were huvvering over her so i just barged in made a seen and literally told them t"you guys need to grow up and get a life" but ya they need to stop being so mean to you like making a account with an X crossing out your face that was so mean D= but please dont stop this from you playing with dolls and making videos i really look up to you my step sister told me to F off a few weeks ago because i dont see that family anymore because they were abusive and so i think of you as an older sister to me(ps. not in like a creepy stalker way)

  3. ps i luv the picture of you and skylar? i think it is on the side-bar in the blue

  4. Feel better! It stinks to be sick but it goes away within a couple days... so yeah!!!


  5. Hey Sarah I know it stinks I have the flu and I am trapped in m room so I dont gett my moms daycare kids sick even though they are not here lol! Well hope WE get better soon!!!

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