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Sunday, October 18, 2009


So if you heard of my blog from you tube I'm sure you have seen all the stuff going on with people making a few accounts pretending to be me and then now people making accounts about how much they hate me...At first I just wanted the person impersonating me gone but now its getting out of hand. I mean they have gone so far as to take a picture of me and cross out my face and tell me to go die and go to he11 and stuff...Its just really upsetting to see.

I wont leave you tube but it is definitely not fun anymore like it used to be. Back when we were all friends and no one was fighting with anyone...and people were not making these accounts about me as well as other girls who are fairly well known on you tube because they are probably secretly jealous. Now to be honest I don't see myself as special or different in any way why me? And their reasoning is because I "yell" at little girls and "harass" them to click on my ads so I can make money....OK first of all I am not harassing anyone just by posting something in my channel description about the ads.

And Second...I DO get money when people click and I am in college trying to find a way to make money to begin paying off my student loans after I graduate next May so what is wrong with asking people to help me out a little by doing something as simple as clicking an ad...then hitting the back arrow...and going about their business? I just dont understand I am not the ONLY adult in the world who collects dolls.

Some of the ladies on AGplaythings are like in their 40's and 50's and they have like 60 AG dolls!! What about them? I love those ladies and I almost guarantee that will be me someday and you know what? I cant wait! I just dont get why its like people think that I am the ONLY person above the age of 12 on the planet who collects dolls...which is definitely not the case....Ugh ok time for bed I think...I'm tired lol



  1. yeah sarah i dont like him or anyone who hates you if you read my comment on youtube i am prettypointedancer11 you know and next year i will be 13 and can guarantee i will still love dolls

  2. Hi Sarah... my daughter loves your YouTube videos. She's told me a few times that she hopes to be like you when she gets older, doll collection and all. I'm sorry you've been a victim of cyberbullying. Just remember, for every hater, you have that many more adoring fans. And adoring fans' moms who think you're pretty awesome too. :)

  3. Sarah, this is what I think you should do to the haters.
    I'm not a fan of them either. Just be nice to them, it will get on their nerves. Say, "Hey! Wow, a whole channel devoted to me? Thanks so much! You're a true fan." But that's just my thought. And maybe subscribe to them or something, it will be funny! If you don't want to do that, then just ignore them and keep making videos. You have WAY more fans than haters =]

  4. I want to be just like you some day those people are mean don't listen to them don't let them control you.

  5. I'm 13, love dolls.
    My cousins are over 20 love dolls, 3 of them.
    people are really desperate sometimes, and apparently these people are very very bored wih no life.

  6. Seriously? Oh my gosh, THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT STOP! In my opinion, I think these haters should inspire you more and more to create videos. If you listen to them and stop making videos, you are giving them what they want. If not, you are totally defeating the purpose of their channel. And you DON'T harass little girls into clicking your ads. You are a college student and you need some moeny so whats the problem with that? And like you said, you just click a simple button then hit the back arrow. These idiots obviously wish they had more fans and friends, so they go after someone who does. GOSH!
    My mom is 41 years old and she has a Julie and Ivy doll and she loves them to death!
    If these people could see how many people love you and support you, them would get a job, get a hobby, and GET SOME HELP! BECAUSE WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THE DRAMA THEY CAUSE!JESUS!

  7. I'm sorry all of this is happening to you. I always click on the ad's even if I'm on the page for a few seconds. And it's not wrong at all if your making money for it. I'd love to help you out! I can see what position your in, but I don't think I know what it's like to be you lol. I treat you as any person though, I just think that your wonderful just being you, and theres not one thing in the world that is wrong with that. :) For the posers and haters, I doubt their gonna stop. But what I always say to myself, is they can't hurt me if I dont care what they say. I dont care what anyone thinks about me, because I love being me! I hope you love being yourself too :) What goes around comes around, and some day those people are gonna get hit hard! hehe. I hope your okay Sarah! Have a good day!
    <3, Lexii.
    a.k.a (AGloveJess on YT) :)

  8. Hi, Sarah.

    I'm 35 and I still love dolls!! I can tell you helped me a lot deciding to get these AG dolls and now I see they're really wonderful. I just have to thank you for that.

    Well, try not to get upset about bad things people say about you, because jeaoulsy is such a sad behavior, but it's too common nowadays, unfortunatley.

    I'm from Brazil and I'm an American Girl Dolls collector, thanks to you and to those who helped me see the beauty inside these dolls.

    I wish we could see the beauty inside people too, specially inside children, because they are the future. This world would be a sad place if children keep reacting in such a bad way. So, please, children who like Sarah and American Girls, try to be sweet, nice and show all the beauty you have inside. I know you all have good things to show us.

    Sarah, you're such a sweet darling. Thank you very much for all your help!!

    Get better soon!

    Best wishes,

    your friend from Brazil,


  9. Hi Sarah. I'm your friend on youtube, americangirlmiagwen and your NOT harassing people to click on your ads, I watch your videos all the time and I think your really nice,as far as I know. I think it's super harsh. Just like child abuse[ I love your Concrete Angel music video with your dolls by the way] and your not like that at all. Whosever doing that, I hope it stops! I'm sorry Sarah, you have to put up with this. I bet it hurts. Good luck[good luck by hoping it stops] well, I better l better let you go. Have a nice night. -Roxy[americangirlmiagwen.]

  10. I think that the haters are secretly jealous and wish they were as pretty and awesome as you. They also wish they had that many dolls.

  11. I dont wanna be famous on youtube... The more famous you are, the more people will hate you. Weird how it works, huh?

  12. When you are getting mean comments, just think of the whole ton more of little girls who adore you to pieces. We look up to you and everything, so think of the people who love you and maybe you will feel better. We are right behind you, Sarah! ;)

  13. why do people do that anyway????!!! It's so mean! I'm 12 going on 13 soon and I still collect AG dolls!

  14. I love that many other people enjoy AG dolls! Haters will come with Succes! Your blog and Youtube is very sucessfull! I love dolls and will never stop playing with them. "Shake those haters off"!

  15. Hey Sarah I am sooo sorry about all of the bullying. I have been one of your fans since when you started making videos on YouTube. I am so glad you exsit because I felt ashamed being 15 and all and STILL collecting American Girl. You are my role model. You should be proud at what you do. So don't give up!! I know it hurts. Ignore those comments and rumors because deep down, they are jealous.
    Thanks sooo much for being a great role model to me. Remember that those people are jealous and you are AWESOME.

  16. Hi everyone check out my blogs they are about the nick show H2O and Pullip Dolls and me I have three blogs so just click my name above and follow me and leave nice comments! Thanks soo much bye!

  17. WOW!! Your pretty upset thats how I feel you wont reply to me please do ugh... I have been waiting 4ever but I hope this stops its silly I am 10 and collect dolls!

  18. Your awesome! I don't see their reason to hate you! They are just jealous that your more awesome then they are.

  19. Hey Sarah! I'm so sorry to hear about what's been going on! Keep your head up - there are so many people who respect and admire you! And BTW, you're not alone! There are others over 20 who love to collect AG dolls :) I'm 22 and I have 19 and counting lol :D

  20. Hi Sarah! I just wanted to stop in a tell you to ignore all of the "haters". I am 25 and I have wanted an AG doll for the last 17 years...guess what I just got for my birthday, yesterday? I went to the Ag Place in LA and got Molly! Last Night I came home and found a retired just like you doll on ebay and scooped her up too because NONE of teh current dolls looked like me.
    So, from one grown up to another...they are immature and clearly need to find somethign better to do!
    Keep up your vids, hun, they are fabulous!
    P.s. If you liek crafty things, come check me out on youtube:

    I am going to go buy some AG scrapbooking supplies today and I will be making some AG cards and scrapbook pages coming up! <3

  21. hi sarah i am michelle cicone and i see your video every day and i have 4american girl dolls and i love you so much and i have facebook and if you have one just tell me yours and i dance also i do tap and your the best ps write back ok

  22. and i think your a very nice girl and me and my mom love you she said that you make very nice video about your dolls and can you make a video of you and your dolls write back <33333

  23. I love your youtube videos, just as much as I love dolls! These people just don't get it. I think they ought to check out, the site owner has over 300 dolls!