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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Soooo Excited!!

Hey everyone! If you didn't notice already I have added some things to my blog! I have a search engine at the top of my page that is black and you guys can search american girl's website directly from the search engine! Please use it to search :) I also have ads set up to display things you might be interested so please take a second to check them out and see where they take you :D

Jess has been here for about a week now and she came to me in need of a little TLC but I am happy to report that she is almost done! So far I have washed her hair and given her a nice long downy dunk. She is really enjoying her day at the spa so far :) The things I still need to do on her are clean up her skin, give her hair a steam treatment, and re-glue her retracted eyelash. I cant wait until she is done! I have the entire GOTY collection now and I am so excited to do a big photo shoot with all of them :) I'll try and post pictures on here after I am finished. Are you doing anything with your dolls lately? If so what have you been doing with them since school started?


  1. i just got rebecca and nellie.... i won rebecca from a contest and i just bought nellie today.... schools great but i was behind in videos so far..... how are you though

  2. I have just set up my doll school...

  3. Thanks for the link!! Today, thanks to your vid, im giving my doll Nicole a Downy Dunk. lol I am sooo nervous!!I plan to fix her limbs soon, if i can figure out a way to undo the plastic ring. School's ok lol.

  4. Lets think, shall we? I made a sequel to your video 'American Girls Behaving Badly', um, I made a wishlist of stuff I want for Christmas.... and..... OH! OH! I got a cabinet for my dolls. I'm using it as a HUGE dollhouse for them. I can barely reach Sammie's room (stupid shortness) but I can :) LOVE YOUR VIDS SARAH!

    -Flat Iron Mia, Julie, Jess, Kirsten and Liz's Hair. (It came out great)
    -Experimented taking off Kirsten's Wig and Re-Gluing it on! (It was Fun)
    -Downy Dunk on Kirsten's Hair
    -Tightening Kirsten and Kit's Legs.
    -Oxy Treatment on Kit, Kirsten, Mia and Emily.
    -Magic Eraser Clening & Baking Soda
    -Split End Fixing
    -Washing Kirsten, Kit, Liz, Julie, and Mia's Hair
    -Getting CARLY!! (JLY#21 Sept.10)
    -Helping out a BFFL of mine with her 4 american girl dolls in need of my "Spa" Services.
    What I did
    ~Washed Hair
    ~Flat Ironed Hair
    ~Re Tied Neck Strings
    ~Stain/Dirt Removal
    ~Cleand Eyelashes (I'll Make a Video)
    ~Curled her JLY#21 dolls hair (Ally)
    -and I finished my dolls Bunks! (9 seater)
    -But I haven't updated videos yet. :(
    -- OH
    ! If you can, make a video on how to steam your girlies' hair! thanks!
    love ya,
    swiftydancer3 (Jessica)

  6. hi i love american girl dolls to i have chrissa kit julie and josefina,rebecca peace from american girl doll fan

  7. and i got to go eat at american girl doll place for my sisters birthday!!!!!!!:)

  8. Hey sarah, i know you will probably not read this, but i want to know where you find out all the stuff you know about dolls!