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Monday, September 14, 2009


Hey guys. I just thought I would update you all on whats been going on since I got to school. I have been super busy getting ready for my senior project and things like that. My dolls are all here with the exception of 7 of them who had to stay behind :( But I think they are doing ok. They have each other for company :) Anyways my classes are getting to be kind of busy but I'm trying to keep up with my you tube a doll hospital as much as I can. :)


  1. You are so awesome!!!! i'm 11 and love ag dolls!!!! i know you are so busy but in your spare time could you try to visit my page and become a follower.


  2. sweet you wrote this on my 13th birthday i was just getting off the fairy to vancouver sweet! (agoffficial)

  3. hey sarah its me! so how is it going?

  4. I just wanna say thank you soo much for all the videos u make! Your videos are one of the main reasons why I recently got my american girl doll. Without your videos her hair would just be a major mess! So thanks sooo much Sarah!

  5. Sarah, Thank-you so much for being an amazing MENTOR and FOLLOWER for these young girls.

    You've inspired my daughter when the sun wasn't out.

    You've encouraged my daughter when there was no step to step up on.

    You've showed my daughter strength when you continued to persevere through mean words.

    You've instilled my daughter's childhood when boys flatter her and she still comes home to her dolls.

    Thank-you for being you! God Bless <><