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Friday, January 22, 2010

Last semester, SENIOR year!

It has kind of hit me this week that it is my last semester of college. My LAST first day of school was on Tuesday. I am so excited to be almost done but sooooo scared at the same time to be thrown out into the real world on my own in just a few short months. We started making resume's this week in my senior seminar class. Dance resume's with our experience and styles of dance we do, who we have worked with, etc. And we also talked about head shots...I don't really want to go out and audition for dance related things after I graduate so part of me thinks that this whole thing is kind of pointless to me....and then I see everyone else in my class and how excited they are about going to auditions and dancing professionally...and it makes me wonder if I should try to do the same thing...I would LOVE to get into some sort of tap show like Stomp or Tap Dawgs but I dont know if they even do that anymore...

And then another part of me wants to move back home for a little bit after I graduate, work really hard and save up as much money as I can, and then move up to Minnesota and work at the Mall Of really is my dream job...but our dance teacher keeps talking about how we should not crush our dreams right from the start as far as dance goes...but I truly feel like my dream is to work for American Girl and work my way up to someday be maybe be designing clothes for the JLY line...or even helping out with forming new historical characters and the GOTY characters...I just cant picture myself EVER having a bad day working at American Girl. I would get to be around the two things I enjoy most every day! Young girls and American Girl Dolls! (not in a creepy way I promise lol) I just love helping little girls pick out their dolls, or having conversations with them about their dolls and what they like to do with them. Its so much fun for me...I LOVED being at the MOA last year. I spent at least 8 hours total in the AG place only while we were at the MOA for 3 days straight. At one point my Grandma and my mom just left me in there and told me to come find them when I was done haha!!!

Anyways sorry I am writing a book!! I'll update this more this weekend because I will be in my apartment bored most likely :P I have a lot of new pictures to show you all too so be watching for that!! Until next time...PLEASE click on my ads above and below this post if you would be so kind!! It really helps me out A LOT. Way more than you could ever know :)

You rock! Dont ever change.



  2. You'll figure out what you want to do yet. Don't worry, It'll all work out! I can definitely see what a hard choice that is, though. Both jobs seem like so much fun. We're all here for you, Sarah! :)

  3. That is a tough choice but maybe you could do both? Good luck!

  4. yeah that would be kool if you moved to minnesota... i live in IL so im kinda close =P

  5. Is there a way you can incorporate all three things, dolls, dance and spending time with kids, into your job? You could work at MoA, that would be amazing! But you could also work part-time, or volunteer at weekends, at a local dance studio, helping at lessons or when they produce shows? All I can say is just follow your heart, like you always tell your fans! :)
    ~Libby and Nicki

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